Re-inventing Play



 Burke's Perfect Formula for a Perfect Playground

It's fair to say that each generation reinvents play. Kids may do things that look similar to what their parents did, but they're constantly forming their own world. At BCI Burke, we're constantly watching kids, learning from them, and even dreaming like them. Then we translate that childlike imagination into some very grownup ways of doing things, like using better materials and standing behind what we sell with our non-prorated Generations Warranty™. It's just a matter of doing things the right way. Of keeping your promises. And that's something every kid understands.

Reinventing Play


TCO = Total Cost of Ownership Package™


One way we're Reinventing Play™ is by changing the way people look at the cost of their playgrounds.

One of the most important "packages" included in every playground we ship is one you can't even see. We call it our Total Cost of Ownership Package, and it's your assurance that no playground offers a lower true cost than one from BCI Burke.

Total Cost of Ownership Package

What's in the package? It starts with a competitive purchase price, but that's just the beginning. It also gives you big savings over the lifetime of your playground.

  • Lower maintenance costs. Superior materials, finishes and manufacturing processes mean lower maintenance costs for you.
  • Non-prorated warranty. Our non-prorated Generations Warranty™ means that if a part has to be replaced, due to material defect or workmanship, it won't cost you a dime.
  • Value Added. We provide many value added resources such as: a NPPS Playground Supervision Safety Kit, a Customized Maintenance Kit and an Intensity® Curriculum.


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