Aluminum Bleachers | Outdoor Stadium Seating

Snider Recreation sells and installs aluminum bleachers for all size stadiums. We provide ease and speed of installation, as well as conformity with local building codes, are attractive design features with all our grandstand packages. In addition, we can help design a grandstand to fit your unique application. Regardless of location or size of installation, we represent the premium quality investment in long-term seating. Contact us to learn more about our selection or request a playground catalog!


aluminum outdoor bleacher ohio michigan indiana pennsylvania

bleachers wood aluminum Premium quality in long term seating

folding bleachers

Designed to withstand daily use from spectators

bleacher grandstand aluminum

Constructed to handle all weather conditions

bleacher stands wood

Open space beneath for concessions, storage, or team rooms

bleacher stands aluminum

Conforms to all local building codes

arena sports bleachers

Customized design for you site specifications
stadium bleachers bleacher Stadium seating available for baseball, football, amphitheaters, fair and rodeo arenas, and other outdoor exhibition stadiums

aluminum outdoor bleacher ohio michigan indiana pennsylvania