Outdoor Exercise Equipment

Outdoor Exercise Equipment

We offer a full range of outdoor fitness equipment designed to last. Our unique systems use the body's mass for resistance instead of a weighted system. This feature allows our outdoor fitness equipment to be used by people of all ages and stages of physical fitness, with no concern of injury. It's an effective, safe and fun way to encourage everyone to get up and get active!

Our revolutionary outdoor fitness equipment can be installed as a fitness center or along fitness trails, at schools, universities, city public parks, corporate centers, or any park or green space. It provides a high quality health trail workout for all users from novice to the most experienced. The outdoor gym equipment is perfect for suburban areas or in the heart of your busy city. Our solutions are the fun, affordable health trail option to keep your community fit and healthy and enjoy the outdoors.

Turn your ordinary park into an extraordinary outdoor gym. Protected from rust, corrosion and chipping, Our outdoor fitness equipment is built to last. It will retain its strength for years - without any need for lubrication, winterization or regular maintenance. Our unique outdoor fitness centers require no electricity, every product is eco-friendly and powered by the people who get fit using it.


Outdoor Fitness Equipment


Greenfield Outdoor Fitness Equipment

One of the most exciting concepts introduced to the public in recent years, Greenfields' unique outdoor fitness zones offer communities a great way to promote wellness and fight obesity with exercise equipment that's social in nature, fun to use and accessible for almost everyone.

Greenfields' equipment is chosen by communities nationwide for its high quality and multi-generational appeal. By enabling users to work against their own body mass, the machines can be used by almost anyone, regardless of ability or fitness level. All exercise units are virtually maintenance-free and require no lubrication. Best of all, the equipment is free for the public to use 24/7.

With limited budgets, it has been proven that Greenfields Outdoor Fitness Zones are by far one of the best investments in the future of our communities.  As one of the project managers for LA County said: "There is no other park amenity that gets so much bang for its buck as the Greenfields outdoor fitness zones."

Products previously only found inside community rec centers, such as ellipticals, leg-presses, upper-body machines, rowing machines and recumbent bikes now dot the landscape across the country; being used in park settings, nature trails, schools, home owners associations and corporate facilities to name a few. During this era of limited budgets, because our equipment gets used each and every day that the weather allows, and because of the small initial amount of money required, outdoor fitness equipment has become an increasingly popular option to otherwise larger and more expensive equipment projects.

Offering residents free outdoor community fitness, helping them feel better about themselves in promoting a healthy lifestyle, and genuinely doing something that addresses the ongoing challenge of community obesity; Greenfields is proud to be the largest and most tenured supplier of outdoor fitness equipment in the world, and equally proud to have the Midwest's finest, Snider Recreation, as our exclusive fitness representatives.

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Popular Outdoor Exercise Equipment Include:

>2 Person Ski

>Chest Press

>Lat Pulldown

>Stair Climber

>Leg Press


Outdoor Fitness trail, health trail equipment, fitness trail


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Our organization, AllKidsPlayground, has been working with the Snider family for the past 4 years and it's been a great experience. Their knowledge of products, their professionalism and support has allowed us to build a beautiful, ADA compliant playground for all children and their families to enjoy! They operate a great business and are nice, sincere people to work with.

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Jamey, Jeff and the rest of the team at Snider Recreation are passionate about bringing meaningful play experiences to children. Excellent quality playground installations!

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Our project took nearly a year and half and Jeff Snider was with us every step of the way! This company has incredible knowledge, expertise and patience! You won't be sorry going with Snider Recreation!

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