Wagar Park – Lakewood, OH

Wagar Park – Lakewood, OH

Wagar Park – Lakewood, OH

The City of Lakewood teamed up with Snider Recreation to bring beautiful playground equipment to their newly renovated Wagar Park.

The City of Lakewood likes a classic style and color theme for their play structures. Each of Lakewood’s parks brings in a huge array of equipment that challenges children’s physical comfort zones. Wagar Park meets the challenge, offering age appropriate swings, spinners, climbers, and slides.

The 5-12 play zone which includes a large structure with a 9’ triple Viper slide and a 4’ Viper slide, Tree climbers, Mountain Top climber, the new Manitou climber, and a long overhead ladder, a single post swings, a RockVentrue rope climber, and the new Spinetic spinner.

The 2-5 play zone includes a structure with a Stone Slope and Ascend climber, a Monaco and Rock’n Roll slide, and music panels. This area also includes a single post swing, spring riders and a nature play rock.


This park includes benches and a shelter with tables for those who need to grab lunch or just sit for a bit.

Snider Recreation recommends you schedule yourself time to play in every day!

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