The School at McGuire Memorial – New Brighton, PA

The School at McGuire Memorial – New Brighton, PA

The School at McGuire Memorial – New Brighton, PA

The School at McGuire Memorial came to Snider Recreation with a need for an all-inclusive play space that would encompass the needs of all their students.  McGuire Memorial is a school that provides special education service for students with multiple disabilities or who are on the autism spectrum.

Seeing your dream playground in the design stage is just the beginning of fun!











The design brought in a pirate ship themed play structure that was loaded with fun! On board the ship you will find viper and spiral slides, a cargo net, and a ship bow climber.  To complement the pirate ship theme, there is a telescope, a ship board panel with port hole, and no pirate ship is complete without a mast and Jolly Roger flag!  This pirate ship is ready to be boarded since it is still at “dock”!  The pirate ship is connected to another play structure by a long bridge, rock n’ roll slide, a balcony, leaf climber and cruiser!


The play structures are surrounded by appropriately colored poured in place rubber surfacing.  The ship sits on a sea of blue surrounded by a “land” of brown rubber.  There is even an area where turf was brought in to complete the surfacing area.

Scattered around the facility are different areas with freestanding equipment. There is the Volito Swing, Volta Spinner, a playhouse, 2 seat Rocker, a Touch & Play piano and Rain Wheel Drum.


KidForce Spinner


Volta Inclusive Spinner


Volito Multi-User Swing

Snider Recreation loves the opportunity to help both schools and communities with designing and installing new playground equipment that brings FUN to all. Our varieties of play structures include themed playgrounds, age-appropriate playgrounds and accessible playgrounds.

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