Splash pad design

Splash pad design

Water Park Equipment: Imagine…

…how much fun it would be to run uninhibitedly through bright, cheery play structures that unpredictably refresh you with bursts of sprayed water as you pass under them…are you smiling at the thought yet? Water Splash’s products are perfect for just about every environment. Water Splash’s aquatic playground equipment allows everyone, from tots to those with disabilities, to join in on the fun. Below are some of the common locations for a Water Splash splash pad, but by no means are they the limit.

Extreme Backyard fun!
Buying your own backyard spray park does not need to be a daunting task. With many years of experience, Water Splash will give you peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with industry pioneers. Snider Recreation project management team will work with your general contractor or pool installer. If you do not have an installer, Snider Recreation can be that for you.

Increase Your Hotel’s Occupency
“Hotels with indoor waterparks will continue to extend peak seasons from 100 days to 365 days and will fill rooms almost 100% every weekend and school break all year long. Indoor waterparks will increase hotel occupancy, increase average room rates and increase annual room revenue over typical hotels without indoor waterparks.”

Jeff Coy and Bill Haralson of
Hotel Waterpark Resort Research & Consulting

Water Splash will help your hotel or resort prosper by building an indoor or outdoor spray park.

Housing Developments Get Competitive!
Water Splash continues to see a very competitive marketplace for both land and residential housing developments. Access to green space and nearby playgrounds is often seen as being as important to buyers as the house itself. Wondering how to make your park space more attractive to buyers? Set your housing development apart with an indoor or outdoor water spray park.

Aquatic Facilities
Catering to entire families will help fill your facility to capacity. By providing a zero or low depth splash pad, swimmers and non-swimmers alike can equally enjoy the family outing. Snider Recreation will work with you to help build or renovate your aquatic facility.

Water Splash has created ‘pint-sized’ versions of our water toys to cater to the daycare market. Our Safety Committee ensures only the safest of products go out the door. No job is ever too small for Water Splash and Snider Recreation. From a simple ground spray park to a fully interactive environment, Water Splash and Snider can help you design the best aquatic playground – spray play area for your daycare.

Public Space
Water Splash has worked with countless municipalities, cities and counties to provide a place where children of all ages, races, social classes and abilities can safely and freely play together. Let Snider Recreation help you bring your community closer together with a public spray park.