Quality Products for a Spray Park

Quality Products for a Spray Park

Water Park Equipment: Selecting Toys for a Spray Park or Splash Pad

Selecting Water Toys

Water Splash will help you select components to compliment a theme or concept. Our spray parks stay within budget and delivers maximum play value for users of all ages and abilities.

Age Appropriateness

It is important to design your park with age appropriate play areas in mind. Consider positioning water toys that cater to the robust play of older children in one area, and components that cater to the more passive play of toddlers in another. Centrally located spray toys will accommodate all age groups and serve as a common play area.


All components, fixtures and attachments are tamper resistant. Nozzles at ground level are flush mounted. All water pressures are regulated to avoid injuries.

Play Value

Choose a castle with a colorful serpent, create a desert island with palm trees and whales or recreate a old time railway station with a railway crossing activator and a water tower. Think like a kid to choose a variety of components for hours of fun and imaginative play. Spray parks have proven themselves time and again to provide play experiences season after season.

Colors and Graphics

Water Splash offers a spectrum of bright primary colors providing both environmental excitement and sensory stimulation. We can also custom mix a color to match your specific taste. We can customize components with friendly faces and other colorful graphics.

Water Splash materials

Water Splash recommends and manufactures stainless steel components for water play parks with the use of brass nozzles. These products are the most durable in the public use of spray parks and splash pads.


Water Splash spray pad components are coated with weather resistant super durable series polyester powder in a baked on application creating a gloss finish.


Water Splash nozzles are made from brass and are the industry standard highest quality nozzle solution.


Spray Park Controllers

Control systems are the brains of Water Splash spray parks. A controller and sensor(s) are required to control water conservation and providing interactive play value. A field adjustable program is electronically stored in the control system, managing which components are in operation, the amount of water sprayed from each component, and the overall operation time of the spray park. Because the sensor is triggered by a child’s touch, when there are no kids, there is no wasted water. Water Splash controllers require AC voltage, which should be situated away from the play area.


Activators put children in control of their fun, telling the water where to go and when. Each Water Splash activator has a small switch creatively incorporated into the appearance of the activator. When a child�s hand, foot or body part touches the activator, a signal is electronically sent to the control system, bringing the park to life.

Treated Water Systems

Although a more expensive option, many parks are making use of re-circulating systems. Water Splash offers many options when it comes to re-circulating systems. Contact our sales associates at Snider Recreation to help you with a design to fit your needs.