Slant Hip Shade Structures

Outdoor Shade Canopy: Slant Hip Shade Structures

Spectators at baseball and softball games can be easily protected from foul (fly) balls with our Slant Hip structures. Sloped in an upward direction from front to back, this structural design accommodates typical bleacher units, with minimal obstructions from the columns.

  • Available with lengths from 11 (min) to 40 (max), and widths from 10 ~ 40 entry height 7 ~ 15 (low/front side)
  • Base Plate, Recessed Base Plate, and Embed mounting designs
  • Shadesure or Colourshade FR fabrics available
  • Common accessories include logos and fan/light brackets

Slant Hip Outdoor Shade Canopy for Baseball Bleachers

Outdoor Shade Canopy

Outdoor Shade Canopy

Outdoor Shade Canopy

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