Patent U-Shape Locking Mechanism

Rubber Playground Surface: Patent U-Shape Locking Mechanism

Ten years of developing our locking technology has created a patent locking system that will not separate even in the most challenging playground environment.

The KrosLOCK system withstood over 1400 pounds of pull force during performance testing of the KrosLOCK design. The experiment involved nine tiles that were locked and adhered together. Once the product was secured to the testing apparatus a technician applied gradual pull force to opposite ends of the product while measuring the resistance on a digital monitor attached to a load cell.

Over 1400 pounds of force was applied to the product before partial separation was observed on one of the locking mechanisms. This experiment has provided quantifiable evidence of the superiority of the KrosLOCK design.

Various competing fastening systems use clips, tubes or plugs for tile to tile connection. Due to the inadequacies of these designs, all have failed to effectively address both tile separation and vandalism issues.

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