Snider Recreation provides these ideas as a service to our customers, if you would like further information on fundraising, please contact us.

1. The Playground dance

What about an outdoor dance on the site of the future playground? That’s sure to attract a lot of attention for the cause! If you design a quick pledge sheet with name and amount pledged per hour, dancers can use it to raise money from their friends and co-workers.

Potential: $1,000

2. Cocktail and Appetizer Party

Have someone from the Playground Committee say a few words to the guests about the playground project and why it is important. Have sign-up lists for guests to volunteer with planning, fundraising or construction.

Potential: $200

3. Plant and Garden Sale

How about a contest for the best tomatoes? What about a contest for the most unusual weed from your backyard? Get prizes donated from your local nursery for the winners and charge contestants $5 to enter.

Potential: $200

4. Pizza Week

Make a deal with a pizza parlor to print coupons with playground information on them. Volunteer to pass them out all over the community. When people come with the coupon, the pizza parlor donates a percentage of the sale to the playground.

Potential: $500

5. Selling T-Shirts

Have a prize for the person who creates the best T-Shirt design. Include in the contest a “Name the Playground” competition and put the winning choice on the shirts as well. Consider whether or not a T-Shirt is the best item for your particular sale. Maybe you want to sell baseball caps, boxer shorts, coffee mugs, or bandannas instead.

Potential: $600

6. Buy a Playground Campaign

Sell engraved bricks for a sidewalk, sell wooden planks on a fence or the picnic tables, sell flower boxes on site, the trash receptacles, anything that appears in the playground space.

Potential: $5,000

7. General Raffle

Ask Local businesses, merchants, or individuals to donate items to be raffled. Items such as a free haircut, a weekend stay at a local hotel, dinner gift certificates, and a new bike have worked well in the past.

Potential: $2,000

8. Pasta Dinner

Serve the meal in a school cafeteria, sell tickets beforehand. You’ll know how many people are planning to attend and you will have raised money even if they forget to come! You can also have volunteer sign-up sheets at the event.

Potential: $500

9. School Fair or Carnival

Use the school parking lot and hold a small fair for children and adults, don’t forget to sell home-made goods. Look in the phone book for venders who might want to donate small rides. Also contact local churches, chambers of commerce and whoever else might have some games that have been used before for another event.

Potential: $1,500

10. Benefit Concert

Contact a local music club or concert hall, and ask them about incorporating an existing show into the Playground Benefit. You can always do your own benefit concert at the local high school with students performing!

Potential: $3,500

11. Color your playground

Snider Recreation will provide your school with a black and white line drawing of the play structure you have chosen.

Each child then will be asked to get a sponsor for $10. (all children should participate) Children will color the structure as they choose. Have a local business person choose the winner of the contest (using criteria you determine) and award a prize from the sponsorship money. The balance of the sponsorship money can be put toward the purchase of your playground.

12. Recycle and get rewards

Looking for a great way to raise thousands of dollars for your school, church or club? The EcoPhones Recycling Playground Equipment Fundraiser pays up to $300 per item. There’s nothing to buy and nothing to sell. Simply ask parents, neighbors, co-workers and local businesses to donate and recycle their used consumer electronics:

Cell Phones
Ink Jet Printer Cartridges
Laptop Computers
Apple iPods
Digital Cameras
Digital Video Cameras
Earn cash for every item guaranteed!

According to the Consumer Electronics Association the average U.S. household owns 25 consumer electronics devices. With more than 150 million used cell phones stockpiled in U.S. households these programs can be profitable.