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ELEVATE Fitness Course - ELEVATE Fitness Events

Challenge yourself on Burke’s ELEVATE Obstacle Course and gain results from increased cardiovascular fitness to strength and confidence. With three levels of challenge and multiple options within each level, ELEVATE offers a positive experience for beginners, intermediate and advanced fitness users to gain results and have fun. Users will work their entire body and enjoy a dose of healthy competition among friends, teammates or with themselves. ELEVATE can be used as part of an overall training plan or as a standalone way to spend time outdoors and gain the benefits of increased physical fitness.

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ELEVATE Fitness Events

 Jungle Pipeline

Anything goes as you cross the Jungle Pipeline! Swing through or use your shoulders to support you while balancing on your hands and working your way across.

Lava Leap

Leap from one pod to another on one or both feet. Improve balance, coordination and build leg strength. The objective is to get through the pods without ever touching the ground…and as fast as you can!


Mighty Might

Up and over quickly is the ultimate goal. For a bigger challenge, take the high road!


Summit Bridge

Using the rope…or not if you are an expert…climb up the summit and cross the bridge. Use your speed and balance to get up, over and across this challenge.


Over Under

This event is open to interpretation! Go over the first, under the second and back over the third! Or, for a greater challenge, jump over two and army crawl under one…and do five burpees before you hit the obstacle!

Text/HTMLFrog Hop

Competitors must keep their balance as they run across four pods that swing when you step on them!


Door Knob Jam

Upper body and core are king and queen here! There are so many ways to rock out this event – climb the side, cross the bars or use the “door knobs” for even more of a challenge!


Twinkle Toes

Don’t touch the ropes and run or jump as fast as you can through the Twinkle Toes! Easier said than done! For an advanced workout, run quickly side to side skipping every other square or hop on two feet.


Wall Clinger

Users can get a full body workout by using this event in a variety of ways to get through the wall without touching the ground.


Block Up

These plyo blocks present all sorts of challenges and options for use! Move quickly from block to block or “box jump” up and down. Work on explosive leg strength and power on this event!


Mighty Max

Up and over quickly is the ultimate goal. For a bigger challenge, take the high road!