Circuit Play

Commercial Playground Equipment: Circuit Play



Circuit Play Commercial Playground Equipment

Unlimited opportunities for adventure and development!

Designed for children ages 5 – 12, the Circuit Play® system combines the fun of the playground with the challenge of an obstacle course, while at the same time building strength, stamina and self-esteem. You can choose from a wide variety of ground-level play structures and fitness components that are designed in challenging “circuits” for children to climb, cross, balance, traverse, crawl through and pull themselves over. It’s exciting, stimulating and exhilarating for the children to see if they can get from one end of the playground, all the way to the other without stopping or touching the ground! Other invigorating features of the Circuit Play® system include:

  • Physically challenging to helps build upper body strength, agility, balance and stamina.
  • Addresses the older elementary child who may need more challenge than the same play structure he played on and mastered in earlier grades.
  • Unlimited playground design variations possible
  • All play structures and events are ground-level; no decks required and no excessive heights to worry about.
  • Very affordable addition to any playground or can be combined with a modular play structure.
  • Great complement to physical education curriculum in schools
  • Longest & strongest warranty in the industry