Accessible Playground (ADA)

Accessible Playground (ADA)

Accessible Commercial Playground Equipment

Snider Recreation is excited to offer selected and customzied playground models featuring barrier-free design that meets the benchmarks of accessible play. Many of our field associates have years of first hand experience with designing structures the promote accessible playground designs. By selecting Snider Recreation as your partner in playground design, we can help you create a accessible playground where children with and without disabilities can develop essential skills for life as they learn together through play.

Children’s imaginations don’t have any limits, so why would you accept any limits when creating a playground or play structure? Our playground designs can include ADA ramps and stairs allowing children to get from one play structure to another without interfering with their imaginative play. Burke ramps and stairs allow you to design a park, recreation or school playground with all children in mind, making creative play accessible for every child.

Our integrity and commitment is reinforced by always taking into account ADAAG guidelines, and simultaneously looking for new ways to bring inclusion and fun to the playground, addressing more than simple “accessibility”.

For more information on designing your playground with accessibility in mind please check out the IPEMA Playground Checklist for Access – ADA and ADA standards checklist.