Miner’s Memorial Park – Bethel Park, PA

Miner’s Memorial Park – Bethel Park, PA

Miner’s Memorial Park – Bethel Park, PA

The City of Bethel Park wanted to update their play areas at Miner’s Memorial Park. Snider Recreation presented them with a design that will bring play to a whole new level!

The 2-5 shaded play structure brings in climbers and slides to help develop gross motor skills.  Bringing play areas specifically for ages 2-5 to playgrounds creates a space where children can expand their sense of self, see the world differently and interact with their peers and caregivers.

Children ages 5-12 seem to be able to do and learn almost anything.  This design brought a play space that includes a custom Evolution Tower filled with climbers and slides.

The design continued the fun with freestanding equipment.  The long bay of Swings, Orb rocker and Volta Spinner will bring children of all ages together in fun. Along with the Spinetic Spinner, Standing Rocker and the beautiful Soprano Quartet Music Ensemble.

This is one play space that really does have something for everyone, including benches for the care givers!

If you are looking to add a playground to your communities’ park, school, or business, it is as easy as giving Snider Recreation a phone call at 1-800-888-2889 or email info@cvsnider.com