Marion Elementary – Maria Stein, OH

Marion Elementary – Maria Stein, OH

Marion Elementary – Maria Stein, OH

The children at Marion Elementary in Maria Stein, Ohio can’t be more excited to enjoy their new custom playground.  Snider Recreation and Marion Local Schools worked hard include a bunch of BCI Burke playground equipment for all ages to enjoy.

The main play area seems to have endless possibilities for fun!  Slides, including a Roller Slide and Play panels are scattered throughout the structure.   The adventurous friends have RopeVenture items to climb including the Vertex, Limber Ladder, and Link.  TakTiks, Treebranch climber, Extreme Cyclone Spinner, Verto Climbers, and Twinkle-Toes are just a few more BCI Burke components that can be included in any custom play structure.

Snider Recreation and Marion Schools didn’t want to leave our smaller friends out.  Our younger kids are able to enjoy their own smaller area!   These guys can enjoy their very own structure that includes slides and play panels!  A Rocker, Rock Tunnels and a couple Dynamic Surfers are also included for added fun!


Marion’s play are doesn’t seem to stop.  Another area includes Arch Swings, Orbitron, Stepping Pods and a Rev 8 for all our spinning adventurers!    A GaGa Ball pit is also available for our kiddos!  BCI Burke’s ZipVenture zip lines are the most popular structure available!

Marion Schools is a great example of different playground safety surfacing.  Snider Recreation used Certified Engineered Wood Fiber safety surfacing for the younger area, Arch Swing and ZipVenture areas.  The main play structure is protected by beautiful Poured in Place Rubber Safety Surfacing.  Giving it a clean and safe look.  Snider Recreation offers other surfacing options like turf, rubber mulch and tiles.

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