Russia Local Schools – Russia, OH

Russia Local Schools – Russia, OH

Russia Local Schools – Russia, OH

Russia Local Schools wanted to add a little fun and adventure for their students.  Snider Recreation brought a design that did just that.  Together Volunteers from the school, along side Snider Recreation built this amazing playground.   Community aided installations is just one way local residents can help spread the joy and save on costs.

Russia students have so many options to play! There are so many slides, climbers, play-panels and swings, that they will not want to go inside.   The AirVenture is a very popular structure for our students over 5 years of age.

Poured-In-Place Rubber surfacing not only completes the clean look of this play area; it also keeps our kiddo’s safe!

Russia School’s play area also includes benches and tables that allow the students to relax, socialize and participate in more of a quite play time!  Both quiet play and active play are both important as a child grows.

Thank you to the Russia, Ohio community and schools for helping us create such a beautiful, fun play-area!

Snider Recreation, Inc. would love to work with you in purchasing a BCI Burke pre-designed structure or even customizing one for your own needs.  Contact us to find a representative near you!

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