Ludlow Hill Park, Lawrenceburg, IN

Ludlow Hill Park, Lawrenceburg, IN

Ludlow Hill Park, Lawrenceburg, IN

The City of Lawrenceburg, Indiana spared no expense to create a fun play and fitness for their Ludlow Hill Park.  Snider Recreation, Inc. enjoyed working with them to create this spread of activities that seem to go on forever!

When you arrive at Ludlow Hills Park, you can’t help but notice the tall main play structure.  Children love to swoosh down the Cobra Slides and climb back up to do it again.  Play panels of all kinds keep their minds working while having a blast.

If sliding and climbing is not enough fun…. Arch-Swings, a Rev8®, Playensemble® Drums and Chimes can make any child happy and busy for hours.

For those that strive for a healthy lifestyle, BCI Burke and Snider Recreation have incorporated many physically challenging apparatuses throughout the park including a Summit Bridge®, Mighty Might®, and Door Knob Jam®.

Sometimes play can be exhausting, so feel free to take a break on one of the many benches surrounding the area.  Or you can sit a spell on the soft turf surfacing that is comfortable and also helps keep the play area safe.

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