Simmons Park – Bethel Park, PA

Simmons Park – Bethel Park, PA

Simmons Park – Bethel Park, PA

The Municipality of Bethel Park came to Snider Recreation for a playground design at Simmons Park. They wanted a play area for 2-5 year old and a play area for 5-12 year olds.  Snider Recreation came in with fun and colorful structures that will get kids on the move! Movement is the key to better physical and mental health and Burke’s fitness playgrounds encourage everyone to move! With events the challenge kids’ upper and lower bodies, agility and strength, they will get healthier and have fun in these play spaces.

The 2-5 area has a structure which includes a 12’ x 12’ canopy, a Luge & Rock ‘n Roll slides, a novo steps, a cargo net & fan climber and play panels. Around the structure is a T-swing, Volta Spinner, a Playhouse, Touch & Play Piano & Drum panels and an Apex – Power Pipes climber.  Also in this area is a two-bay arch swing with a Freedom seat and the new Konnection “mommy and me” seat.

Playhouse & Volta Spinner

2 Bay Arch Swings with Freedom & Konnection Swing

2-5 structure with 2-5 climber and Volta Spinner

The 5-12 area has a Rev 8 spinner and a 75’ ZipVenture Zip line. The structure brings Apex Climbers, Taktiks Bolt climbers, a 9’ Viper Over-Under Slide and a Trigon arch climber.

Rev8 Spinner & the Over Under Viper Slide

5-12 Structure

Rev8 & ZipVenture

75′ ZipVenture zip line

Surfacing is an important part of every playground. Bethel Park choose Engineered Wood Fiber Surfacing for under the Zip Line and Poured-in-Place Rubber Surfacing under the play structures and freestanding equipment.

This is one park that will have the whole family running to play!

If you are looking to add a playground to your communities’ park, school, or business, it is as easy as giving Snider Recreation a phone call at 1-800-888-2889.