Outdoor Fitness Park – Marietta, OH

Outdoor Fitness Park – Marietta, OH

Outdoor Fitness Park – Marietta, OH

Marietta is on path to healthy living for their community. Snider Recreation had the opportunity to bring fitness equipment into a new park located along a bike trail.  The equipment is accessible, low-impact and free to use.  Outdoor gyms are a great way to get on the move.

The package that was put together for Marietta offers cardio, core building and lower body equipment. Teens, parents and seniors will gravitate to the easy-to-use, outdoor equipment.  By enabling users to work against their own body mass, the machines can be used by almost anyone, regardless of ability or fitness level. All exercise units are virtually maintenance-free and require no lubrication. Best of all, the outdoor gym is free for the public to use 24/7.

Snider Recreation loves the opportunity to promote healthy lifestyles. If you are looking to add outdoor fitness equipment to your communities’ park, school, or church, it is as easy as giving Snider Recreation a phone call at 1-800-888-2889.