Wonch Park – Meridian Twp, MI

Wonch Park – Meridian Twp, MI

Wonch Park – Meridian Township, MI

Meridian Township in Michigan wanted to take a step to a healthier community by providing Greenfield’s outdoor fitness equipment at Wonch Park next to their walking path. The unique package that was put together for them offers cardio, core building and lower body equipment.   Teens, parents and seniors will gravitate to the easy-to-use, outdoor equipment.  By enabling users to work against their own body mass, the machines can be used by almost anyone, regardless of ability or fitness level. All exercise units are virtually maintenance-free and require no lubrication. Best of all, the outdoor gym is free for the public to use 24/7.

This outdoor fitness equipment at Wonch Park is sure to be enjoyed for years to come!


Safety guidelines are displayed for all.


2-Person Accessible Lat Pull: Strengthens back muscles, shoulders and arm muscles.


4-Person Leg Press: Strengthens abdominals and leg muscles, particularly quads and calves.


ADA equipment was added into some of the 2-person pieces of equipment.


2-Person Cross Country Ski: Strengthens Leg Muscles, improves cardiovascular endurance.


Adjustable Butterfly: Develops chest, shoulders, and upper & mid abs


Easy to understand Instructions are on each machine.