O’Hara Township Community Park, O’Hara Township – PA

O’Hara Township Community Park, O’Hara Township – PA

O’Hara Township Appoints Snider Recreation to Install ADA Inclusive Playground at O’Hara Township Community Park, formerly Squaw Valley Park.

When O’Hara Township’s Council decided they wanted an all inclusive playground for the park they turned to their local Sales Representative at Snider Recreation.  After many months of design and installation, the Playground for inclusive play opened!

“By Land and By Sea” is the theme of this playground which includes the popular pirate ship.  The structure is all inclusive, with transition steps, ramps and surfacing, this playground is accessible for all levels of motor disabilities. The play structure also includes a wheelchair accessible motion cruiser.

Other equipment includes the all inclusive freedom swing, a climbing wall, comet spinner and water themed spring animals.  Many types of disabilities are addressed in this design.  Autistic, visually and hearing impaired children will enjoy the interactive brail, music and game activity stations alongside the other children on the playground.

The “By Land and By Sea” theme was continued into the surfacing as well.  A rubber surface was placed around the “ships” with sharks and starfish inlaid into the blue rubber sea.  The children can ride the waves on the back of a shark or try their balance on the Dynamic Surfer.  For the land an artificial turf was installed. With the look and feel of a grass lawn, it is a perfect complement and helps keep children of all abilities moving!  Imagination and fun will abound as the children climb the mountains or slide down the slopes.

With so much going on, safety is always a concern.  The surfacing takes into account fall height requirements, trip hazards and ADA compliances.  There is a four-foot-high fence around the playground that includes a one-way in and one-way out concept. This concept allows for parents of children using the playground to monitor only one entry and exit point. This enhances safety for all of the playground users.


We at Snider Recreation are proud we were a part of this playground installation. The playground is all inclusive, which makes it fun for all!  To see the play in action click here and go to the Squaw Valley Folder.  This project is a 2018 Catalog Structure.


Install 1

With the site preparations complete, installation begins.

Install 3

This ship is still in dry dock, but will be ready to sail soon!

Install 11

Install 6

Equipment installed, time to focus on the surfacing materials.

Install 5

Installation of the “Sea”. Rubber is a safe, all inclusive surfacing material. At Squaw Valley Park sharks and star fish were added for a little splash!

Install 12

Installing the “Land”. Turf combines rugged durability with remarkable softness and beauty that allows it to be used in both sports and playground areas! With the look and feel of a grass lawn, it is a perfect complement to this playground area and helps keep children of all abilities moving!

squaw-valley-by sea (2)

Time to set sail! With the Pirate Ship or the Cruiser, kids will be sailing the day away! Or maybe they want to hop on a shark or dolphin or even try their balancing skills on the Dynamic Surfer! With enough room for two wheelchairs and two full benches, the Cruiser allows up to 12 children of all abilities to play together. Handles at both ends allow adults or other children to assist with motion and enjoy the experience.

squaw-valley-pirates (4)

squaw-valley-by land

squaw-valley-by land (4)

The posts are set for the Freedom Swings – to give this Land & Sea playground a little Air!


The Land isn’t complete without some mountains to climb!

squaw-valley-ping pong

Outside the fenced area are some activities for the older kids. This is a concrete ping pong table.

squaw-valley-grand openning

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


The feeling of freedom and flying while the ground fades away and you feel like a bird, like a plane or even a superhero. The Freedom inclusive Swing Seat allows children of all abilities to enjoy the childhood joy of swinging in a safe and secure seat created just for them.

By Land & By Sea! Play is fun for everyone!